UltraEdit Companion User's Guide: Change Log

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Appendix A: Change log & Release Notes

A.43 August 29, 2012

A.43 August 8, 2012

A.42 May 23, 2012

A.41 May 16, 2012

A.40 May 16, 2012

A.39 May 16, 2012

A.38 May 14, 2012

A.37 May 11, 2012

A.36 May 10, 2012

A.35 May 3, 2012

A.34 May 2, 2012

A.33 May 2, 2012

A.32 April 28, 2012

A.31 April 25, 2012

A.30 April 21, 2012

A.29 April 20, 2012

A.28 April 16, 2012

A.27 April 12, 2012

A.26 April 12, 2012

A.25 April 9, 2012

The Zip version of the program has been replaced by the PortableApps.com format.

A.24 April 9, 2012

A.23 April 9, 2012

A.22 April 9, 2012

A.21 April 7, 2012

A.20 April 6, 2012

A.19 April 2, 2012

A.18 March 30, 2012

A.17 March 28, 2012

A.16 March 23, 2012

A.15 March 23, 2012

Please manually uninstall any previous version, and the product setup method has changed.

A.14 February 24, 2011

A.13 February 19, 2011

A.12 February 17, 2011

Updated for compatibility with UltraEdit 17's added color capabilities! There are now 15 color groups instead of 8 for word files, and "Highlight All" and "Select All" colors have also been added. Also with this version it will be able to check to see if an update is available, download and install it. Added "Theme Author" and "Theme Description" fields to the themes for future sharing on a special theme site that I plan to put up in the coming months. A "Modified" indicator is now on the new status bar, along with the theme's name and other information.

A.11 December 21, 2010

Updated for compatibility with UltraEdit 16.30 / UEStudio 10.30. Added the Brace Highlight Background color.


A.9 May 19, 2010

Bug Fix Release. On first run, did not properly react to no config file being present. This has been fixed.

A.8 May 17, 2010

New Feature added, Theme Fonts! You can now save Font Names and size for both Standard Editing and Column Mode/HEX Editing. You can also now preview these fonts as well. Font selection for Standard and Column Mode is now available if you wish to change what UE is currently using. It now loads showing the syntax lettering using the font you have selected from within UE. Several minor bug fixes also made.

A.7 May 11, 2010

Upgraded Feature for Compatibility with UltraEdit 16.10's new feature, Line Indent coloring.

A.6 May 5, 2010

Minor Bug fix. Fixed minor bugs in the custom palette dialog. Corrected the RGB calculation on the custom palette dialog.

A.5 May 4, 2010

Minor Bug fix. A problem with calling up the Windows Color Dialog from within the Custom Palette has been fixed. The program will now remember whether you were using Custom Palette or Windows Color Dialog last.

A.4 May 2, 2010

New Feature added. A secondary method of selecting colors has been added. You may now choose between using Windows Color Selector or a new Custom Palette Dialog that allows you to predefine up to 36 colors. Colors can also now be added by direct Hexadecimal entry, RGB entry, Decimal entry, or selected from a list of 140 named colors. A minor oversight is also fixed whereby the program did not confirm to saved a modified theme on program exit.

A.3 April 30, 2010

Bug Fix release. A problem with exporting Syntax Highlighting to wordfiles was not clearing the previous syntax highlighting before adding new. Also, when turning off Background Auto on a single Syntax Coloring Group, it turned off Background Auto on all groups. Now including a sample of themes with the program.

A.2 April 29, 2010

Feature Change. Now saves themes in INI file format instead of proprietary binary.

A.1 April 28, 2010